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VanlovHair is a company in the hair industry, specializing in the production and distribution of high quality human hair wigs, hair bundles with closure, frontal, different color hair, and headband wig. Since its establishment of June, 2003, In Xuchang City, China, the company has grown rapidly and has become a trusted name in the hair extension market .

 About Our Founder

Wanlov Hair Accessories was founded by Zhu Yabing in June 2003 and is currently the founder and CEO., he had been engaged in the recycling and processing of human hair for more than 10 years , and are very familiar with the recycling , cleaning , reprocessing , packaging and quality of human hair . At the beginning of its establishment, Mr. Zhu's original intention was to provide high-quality wig products, and only produced springs and accessories to meet the needs of the American market.

Who we are

Vanlov hair products are positioned in the black women, our price is mid-range, and the quality meets the requirements of products.Up to now, the main products sold by vanlov hair belong to the beauty category, including : wigs, human hair bundles , bundles with closure , frontal , glueless wig, colored wig. Among our sales markets, the United States accounts for 80% , Europe accounts for 15% , and Africa accounts for 5% . Our products have received more and more praise from consumers . At the same time , we have also received suggestions of buyers on our products . We actively listen to the opinions of buyers , improve product quality in time , improve craftsmanship , and meet consumer needs.

Vanlov Hair-Your Personal Hair Stylist , only one love with me . Enjoy life , share to love , have self-confidence , Vanlov hair offer different color hair , you offer different color life. 

How we developed

When vanlov hair was established , we only produced human hair bundles with limited product categories .

In 2008 , as the export volume of vanlov hair increased steadily , we expanded the factory scale and added more than 100 employees , including wig craft technicians and new product development staff .

2013-2018 , with the surge of cross-border business between China and the United States , vanlov hair also ushered in the peak period of export growth . From 2013 to 2018 , the sales volume of vanlov hair increased by 10 times , and the products increased by 15 times . Vanlov hair has opened brand flagship stores on both Amazon and AliExpress . Thanks to Amazon's traffic , vanlov hair's brand awareness has further improved .

2018 to 2022 , the development of social media has created a broader space for us . During this period , we have opened youtube accounts , Facebook accounts , Instagram accounts , and later pinterest and tiktok accounts . Our fans have grown steadily . We Keep interacting with fans on social media , enhance brand awareness , and absorb fans ' opinions . 

Our goal and pursuit

Crisis and opportunity coexist , vanlov hair is not satisfied with the current stage of development . We have more ambitious goals . First , in terms of products , we will gradually realize customization to meet the needs of different consumers , and change the status quo that consumers buy whatever we sell in the past . Second, in terms of branding, we hope to make vanlov hair an international brand . We will open offline brand stores in the United States , France , and the United Kingdom to facilitate customers to purchase products and try them out . At present , we are starting to open the first An offline store , located in Atlanta, U.S.A . Third , vanlov hair is a socially responsible enterprise . While we are selling products and making profits , we will establish and improve our donations and social return initiatives in the future, such as donations to children with major diseases, and daily necessities for poor children donate .


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