what is a lace front wig

# What are lace front wigs? Lace front wigs have become increasingly popular in recent years, but many people still aren't sure what they are or ho...

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How Do You Keep Human Hair Wigs Soft Again?

What should I do with a dry and tangled human hair wig? This is a problem that many friends often encounter when they start wearing wigs. What happened? Why the human hair wigs you bought become ruined after a long time wearing? How to revive the human hair wig and make it soft again?

Actually, like natural hair, it is inevitable that human hair wigs become shedding and tangle. To revive the human hair wig, you should know the reason why it becomes shedding and tangle. Thus, you can find way out.

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Different Hair Styles - Vanlov Hair

Different Hair Styles

Vanlov hair store provides all kinds of human hair styles. You can choose what you like. There are five basic styles.  We have hair bundles, 3 or 4...

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How to wash Vanlov hair waves - Vanlov Hair

How to wash Vanlov hair waves

Proper hair care is very important. All human hair needs special cleaning steps and products to keep the hair looking great and last longer. Step t...

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Vanlov Hot Sale Products - Vanlov Hair

Vanlov Hot Sale Products

Our store provides all kinds of virgin human hair styles, Brazilian straight, body, loose, deep, water, lace front wig, 360 lace wig. You have many...

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Why choose Vanlov Hair - Vanlov Hair

Why choose Vanlov Hair

Vanlov hair

Loving your beauty and health

Vanlov Hair date from 2001, offer high-quality virgin hair extensions at an affordable price. Vanlov is our brand name, including our promise and expectation for you ! Vanlov are The "Van" Leader of Human Hair Industry Professional Production for 20 Years . and We are loving your beauty and health.Vanlov promise every bundle hair is 100% human hair , We have the best quality hair, and We wish to light up your beauty with vanlov hair.

Shopping from vanlov, you could enjoy the best service. Firstly, our workers will check the quality of every bundle carefully before we ship all the hair out,such as: texture, color,etc. Secondly, we are always online to solve all of your problems. Thirdly, after you get the hair, it does not satisfy you, We provide the refund policy of no reason to return the goods and money within 20 days. We sell only top-quality Virgin hair extension, with the loyal support of our customers, Vanlov has become the most trusted brand of virgin hair in the hair markets. We love you, we respect you and, we sincerely appreciate your business!

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