How Do You Keep Human Hair Wigs Soft Again?

How Do You Keep Human Hair Wigs Soft Again?

What should I do with a dry and tangled human hair wig? This is a problem that many friends often encounter when they start wearing wigs. What happened? Why the human hair wigs you bought become ruined after a long time wearing? How to revive the human hair wig and make it soft again?

Actually, like natural hair, it is inevitable that human hair wigs become shedding and tangle. To revive the human hair wig, you should know the reason why it becomes shedding and tangle. Thus, you can find way out.

Why Human Hair Wig Become Shedding and Tangle?

No one likes having a head full of tangled hair. There are many factors caused the human hair wig looks fade and dry.

1. Misaligned Hair Cuticles – This may cause matted hair. This is a mistake made during the wig’s manufacturing and is not totally avoidable.

2. Human Hair Wigs Lack Natural Oils – Unlike natural hair, human hair wigs lack the natural oils that would normally help smooth and soften your hair.

3. Chemical Damage – Human hair wig treated with chemical or color processing is a likely cause of damaged human hair wig.

4. Heat Exposure – Frequent use of hot tools (blow dryers, straighteners, curling rods) damaged hair kernels. Excessive sun exposure and too hot water can have the same damaging effect.

How Do I Make My Human Hair Wig Soft Again?

1. Before Washing

Before cleaning the wig, it is best to take care of it to make it more straightforward. You can use a special comb for wigs (try not to use a plastic comb to avoid hanging the hair). Gently comb down from above, so that the dirt and dust left in the wig are combed down to ensure it is clean.

2. Water Temperature

There is also a requirement for the water temperature used for the wig. The water temperature should not be too high, and warm water is more suitable (about 20 degrees, but not higher than 25 degrees). In order to better care for wigs, some acidic treatments can be dissolved in water.

3. Soaking & Washing

Let the wig soaked in the water for about 10 minutes, which can achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, rinse it gently with your hands. You can use some shampoo when washing, and followed with conditioner is perfect. But, remember, do not wash your hair too frequently.

4. Not Combing After Washing

Some people may make such mistakes that comb the wigs as soon as they are washed. Yet they don’t know this will inadvertently damage the wig. It is best to take care of it after it has dried up.

5. Drying

After washing, gently remove the water from the wig and dry the remaining water with a clean, soft towel. Is this a lot of trouble, isn’t the hair dryer faster? It is recommended not to use a high-temperature wind such as a hair dryer to dry it (if it is cold air, you can) to avoid hair loss. Finally, place it in a cool, ventilated place to avoid damage from the sun’s high temperature exposure.

6.Nursing damaged wig

If you encounter a fork, damaged, dry and tangled wig, do not pull hard, you can spray a special care solution on the wig and then combing.

Follow the above tips, your human hair wig will become soft again. Hope you miantain your human hair wig properly to make it last longer.

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